How Do You Get Through Placing Your Child In Residential Treatment?

Season 4, Episode 31- The Honestly Speaking Podcast

We’ve personally been down this road 4 separate times with one of our kids. It never gets easier. How do you make it through the devastation of placing your child in residential treatment?


In today’s episode of Honestly Speaking, our co-host Nicole Goerges turns the microphone on us, and interviews us over this topic because we’ve walked this road several times in the past. It never gets easy, even when the absence of your child creates peace for the rest of your family.

Why I Won’t Accept Your Help

Pride can be a crippling thing that keeps us from owning up to the truth. But it’s so easy to make it our go-to defense in times of personal trial. How do you find the strength to be honest and accept help? We are personally learning how to do this everyday.


The phone rings, I check the caller id and weariness fills my soul. “Oh no,” I say (actually I say a swear word, but that’s an unnecessary part of the story.) “What now?” I mumble under my breath. It’s the elementary school where I currently have 4 kids enrolled. I quickly accept the call and with tension in my voice I say a quick, “Hello?” The voice of the nurse on the other end greets me with a curt, “Hello, is this Mrs. Berry?” “Yes,” I answer more worried than before. “We are concerned that Jake doesn’t have his glasses again today. Are you planning to look for them?”

A Missing Person: When Your Child Can’t Live At Home.

Parenting children from difficult places is no easy task. When your child’s past trauma causes him to have to live somewhere else, it’s even harder! How do you navigate through this difficult season (and reality) of life?

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.07.25 AM

This week is exactly what a family vacation should be. Well, almost exactly. As I snap a photo of all the smiling faces I feel a knot tighten in my stomach. A man behind us marvels, “Wow 5 kids!” I nod and smile, but my mind is with the one who isn’t here. The hollowness I feel is vast. I’m surrounded by so much love but still feel the emptiness of missing the one.