Tantrum Tuesday (#011)

After a short hiatus, Tantrum Tuesday is back with the first of 3 installments to finish out 2014. We’re hoping this came at just the right time to wake you up from your afternoon weariness. Behold…


This is 9 year old Adam. At first glance you may think Adam is a workout buff, because he’s obviously doing push ups. But that’s not the case. His mother Hillary tells us he’s having a meltdown because she wouldn’t let him swim outside on a frigid 10-degree day. The wind chill wasn’t even factored in to that temperature.

Being the kind and reasonable mother that Hillary is, she tried to explain that the lake was frozen and all outdoor pools were drained for the winter. This didn’t work. While she was baffled at the push-up-style tantrum, she wasted no time in capturing it on camera. We’re sure glad she did. Apparently there is no better way to prove your point than a couple of push ups. They also help expedite bedtime! 🙂

Does your child throw epic (and ridiculous) tantrums often? Have you captured a few on camera? If so, send one to us over email, with a brief description, and we’ll include it in a future Tantrum Tuesday!

Question: What’s your favorite part about your child’s tantrums? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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