Tantrum Tuesday (#014)

If there’s one thing we love most about Tantrum Tuesday, it’s a progressive tantrum. We’re impressed with the mad skills of parents who can capture a sequence like this, but also, how funny they are. This week, we are pleased to feature the second Progressive Tantrum Tuesday of its brief history…


This is Daniel. He’s actually making his second appearance on Tantrum Tuesday. You can see his first appearance by clicking here. Here’s the sequence Daniel’s mom gave us for these awesome pictures:

  • Picture 1 (left): “We were at our local library. He crawled away from me because I offered to read him a story.”
  • Picture 2 (center): “He came back and found joy in the train table. Then, he lost it when another kid wanted to play with the trains.”
  • Picture 3 (right): “I took him out of the library throwing a fit. As I tried to buckle him in to his carseat, he did the ‘plank and flop’ move to avoid it! It didn’t work. We went home.”

This amazing sequence of epic meltdowns warmed our heart and brought a lot of giggles into the Confessions office! It’s moments like this (usually after the fact) that makes parenting quite fun…and funny!

If you have an amazing Tantrum caught on camera, email it to us, along with a brief description and yours and your child’s first names only, and we will work it into the lineup!

Question: What are you favorite things about your child’s eqic tantrums? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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