Tantrum Tuesday (#015)

In this frigid winter weather (at least in the Midwest), the best way to warm up is with a good laugh, a pizza, and a cup of coffee. We can’t supply the coffee or the pizza, but we can supply the laugh! It’s time for another Tantrum Tuesday!


This is our youngest son Sam. We’ve pretty much decided that if we ever turn Tantrum Tuesday into a book, Sam will be on the cover. In fact, (fun historical fact): we actually got the idea for Tantrum Tuesday from Sam. He’s such an inspiration!

This picture was actually taken a few months ago. It was just before dinner time and Sam was sitting on top of the dining room table in protest of us not allowing his Curious George stuffed animal to occupy his own seat at the table for dinner. Our attempts to explain that his brothers and sisters each had to have a seat fell on deaf ears. The protest ended epically (as they always do with him):


He stayed in this position until we threatened him with bedtime if he didn’t join the family for dinner at the table. Props to him for his commitment! We’re becoming quite impressed with his protesting skills. We just hope he channels this into something more productive in the future, like litigation, or a Presidential nomination (or…maybe not!).

Have you captured one of your child’s recent tantrums on camera? Email it to us, along with a brief description, and your child’s first name, and we’ll include it in a future Tantrum Tuesday!

Question: We may actually be paying the price for some of our epic tantrums when we were little. Does this describe you? Share your story with us! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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