Tantrum Tuesday (#016)

Happy Tuesday friends! It’s time for another epic meltdown, courtesy of Tantrum Tuesday…


We are so excited to introduce you to our 6-year old son Jake. This is his first appearance on Tantrum Tuesday. To be honest, we are surprised he made it this long. He doesn’t have many tantrums, but when he does, they are epic! Up until last week, he has always been able to dodge the camera! His two brothers could probably learn a lot from him.

Jake decided that he wanted the green bowl of crackers during snack time last week. In this picture, he’s upset because his younger brother, Sam, reached into the bowl and grabbed a hand-full of Jake’s crackers (big shocker). The meltdown was on!

Kristin couldn’t reason with Jake so she did the next best thing: took his picture! Thank you technology, and iPhone, for giving us the capabilities of capturing moments like this.

  • If you have an epic meltdown caught on camera, send it to us in an email, along with your child’s first name, your first name, and a brief description of what’s happening in the picture.

Question: What’s your favorite part about your child’s tantrums? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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