Tantrum Tuesday (#017)- Video Edition!

If there’s anything better than snapping a picture of your kid having an epic meltdown, it’s capturing a video of your kid having an epic meltdown! We’re excited to introduce our very first VIDEO Tantrum Tuesday, courtesy of our son, of course…

Here’s the context….

Recently we went, as a family, to serve in the storage warehouse of an organization we support. It was a fun-filled day and all of our children had a great time. Near the end of our time there, my son, Sam, wanted one of his toys out of our van so I went outside with him to help him retrieve it.

On the way back into the warehouse he was walking next to me but he tripped over the threshold of the entrance. In a flash (I’m really not sure how I could have pulled this off) I reached down and caught him before he smacked his face on the concrete floor.

He jumped up and screamed at me and ran back outside. I happened to have my iPhone in my hand so I started filming. If you listen closely you can hear him laughing as he jumps over the seats in the van. This is usually the case when he realizes he overreacted, or he’s not very committed to the tantrum. You have to love parenting!

Do you have an epic tantrum caught on camera or video? Email it to us, along with your child’s first name, your first name, and a brief description of what’s happening, and we’ll include it in a future Tantrum Tuesday!

Question: Is your kid a master at throwing monstrous tantrums over petty things? Share your story with us! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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