Tantrum Tuesday (#018) “Family Pet Edition!”

As family (and life) would have it, children aren’t the only ones who throw tantrums. Please stop pointing at your spouse! 🙂 Turns out, our pets love to get in on the action. We are pleased to introduce (straight from Berrynation), “Tantrum Tuesday- Pet Edition!”


More on this picture in a moment…

If we weren’t crazy enough with 8 children, we also have 3 dogs. Our third (and final…until death do us part), dog came to live with us this past May after a duckling massacre that had the makings of a Hollywood epic (another story, for another time!). Yes, our 3rd dog was a rebound pet, we admit it. What are you supposed to do, however, when you come home to duckling bodies all over your back yard, your daughter in tears, and your other two dogs cowering in a corner with feathers hanging out of their mouths, looking as guilty as sin?

So we brought home a new dog and named him Mandela after Nelson Mandela. There was a catch with this dog, however. He has an anxiety disorder. “No problem,” we thought. We are raising children with special needs, so we can certainly handle a pet with special needs. He was a perfect fit. Plus, the humane society, where we adopted him from, told us that he had been surrendered 3 times previous to us adopting him. Our hearts were moved. He was so sweet, that we couldn’t imagine why someone would do that to him!

And then we left our house to run errands one sunny afternoon after he came to live with us. Upon returning, we started to put the pieces of the puzzle together. He had chewed the bottom of a bedroom door nearly off. The second time we left (as if the lesson from the first time hadn’t been learned), he pooped and peed all over our kitchen. In fact, this became his MO for the next few months.

We finally had had enough and began kenneling him in a metal kennel. He broke out of it. We then decided to purchase a hard plastic kennel that we thought was impenetrable. We were wrong. Witness exhibit A (above). He flips out when we leave. When I posted this picture on Instagram, the other day, people commented back with their “advice” on what we should do (thank you social media), but a few commented, “Cujo!” What’s interesting is that Mandela is one of the kindest, nicest, most gentle dogs on earth. He just has moments. Similar to our kids, who can turn into demons from the bowels of hell, at times, right?

Side note: these are the awesome things you Google search (below) when you have a dog like Mandela. This is called the “Escape Artist” version (complete with airline rails…in case we decide to go all Madagascar on him!)…

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.45.49 AM

Do NOT leave us comments asking if this can be used for your children! 🙂 If you have an epic tantrum….kid or pet….caught on camera, definitely email it to us, with your kid or pet’s first name, and your first name, and we’ll include it in a future Tantrum Tuesday!

Question: Do you have a pet who throws BIG tantrums? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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