Tantrum Tuesday (#019)- Special Adult Tantrum Edition!

We all knew this moment would arrive….eventually. It’s Tantrum Tuesday, but today we’re throwing a small celebration for adults who’ve had those colorful moments.


One of the reasons I love having kids is that they keep you on your toes. Our kids sure do. Yesterday the shared server that hosts this blog failed and the blog was inaccessible. People were texting me, calling me, emailing and sending Facebook messages, from all over the continental US, letting me know they could not access my new post.

That was a problem. A BIG problem, in fact. I was excited to publish yesterday’s post because it was on the heels of a record breaking weekend for Fifty Shades Of Grey, and I was making a strong point about the dangers of fantasy. I envisioned the impact (even the controversy) this post would incite. All that came crashing down mid-morning. I was not happy.

My unhappiness turned into a mini-meltdown, especially when all of my attempts to remedy the situation failed. A few items in my home office may or may not have gone for a flight across the room. And I may or may not have gotten a G-rating on language. I cannot confirm, nor deny, that any of this happened! 🙂 I couldn’t help it though. When it comes to this blog, and our business of reaching families, my passion bubble tends to be a little near the surface!

Okay, okay, enough with the excuses. I did it. I admit it. That’s what my 12 year old told me this morning. “You threw a fit dad! Don’t deny it. Admit it. You should be on today’s Tantrum Tuesday!

Boy oh boy, you know retribution is coming like a hurricane when you create something about all the tantrums that other children throw (and keep taking pictures of your own kids melting down!). So, dear readers…. this is my confession. I had a tantrum yesterday. It’s true. Mind you, I wasn’t lying on the floor screaming or sobbing so hard that snot was running out of my nose. That would have been a picture for the ages if I was. But, I had my moment. I’m sure you can relate.

Special credit (and filming props) goes to my darling daughter Jaala. Thanks for the grace…and for taking the opportunity to hold dear old dad’s feet to the flame…..

So, to date, we’ve featured children, pets and now adults having epic meltdowns. Do you have any good stories on your kid, your pet, your spouse, or YOU? Send us a picture, or the story, via email and we’ll include it in a future Tantrum Tuesday!

Question: Have you had a bad day lately that resulted in your very own adult tantrum? Share your story with us… You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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