Tantrum Tuesday (#020)

One of the things I love about Tantrum Tuesday is that old photos of our children, where all the kids are smiling and happy, except one, take on a whole new meaning.


My sister-in-law sent this over to me last week after I posted a new tantrum, and I couldn’t stop laughing. I also became a little sentimental. I had forgotten all about this picture. It was taken nearly a decade ago on our front porch when all of our kids were really little. Here’s her comment from the email this picture came attached to…

I was thinking about epic failures the other day and remembered this gem. You may or may not remember that Kristin and I spent a ridiculous amount of time buying matching outfits for all five kids with one plan in mind: Christmas Photos! The day of the picture we discovered that Andre had hit a growth spurt and couldn’t fit into the outfit we bought only four weeks earlier. We took this in stride and found another coordinating outfit, proceeding with pictures. One unanticipated problem, however- I was not holding my son. That’s right, this entire photo shoot of Manny crying is because he was forced to sit near his sister and cousins and not be on my lap. I don’t believe this christmas photo ever left our hard drive. Maybe we sent out a picture of the cat that year.

This is what makes Tantrum Tuesday so much fun. Only problem is that we give all of you this hilarious content for free, meaning no money for counseling later on when our kids discover they were the stars! At least our pictures don’t qualify for Awkward Family Photos (yet!).

Do you have an epic fail (eh hem..tantrum) caught on camera? Send us an email with the picture and a brief description of what’s happening, along with first names of all involved, and we’ll include it in a future Tantrum Tuesday!

Question: Have you ever had a family picture, or picture of your kids, go terribly wrong? Share your story with us. You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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