Tantrum Tuesday (#021)- Time Out Edition!

After a long hiatus, Tantrum Tuesday returns with a special “Time-Out Edition.” We would love to feature both your child’s tantrums or the unique locations you had to put them in time out. Keep that iPhone or Android handy, snap a picture, and shoot it to us via email!

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Over the course of our parenting years we have had to place our children in time out at the most inconvenient times, in the most random locations- restaurants, truck stops, malls, sporting arenas, parks, elementary schools, theaters, coffee shops, IKEA, and even the State Fair!

A few weeks ago we were packing up to head home from vacation and our boys would not do what they were told. Now, I know many parents are prone to let things like this slide. After all, it’s vacation. We’re all relaxed and having fun, right? As far as we’re concerned, the rules are still rules. And, we are only in the business of telling our children to do things once.

After repeating, “It’s time to get buckled in your seats to leave,” 5 times (4 times TOO many), it was time out! At our vacation house…in Tennessee….with our friends. And that’s the way it goes. Behold, the single shoe my son (to the left), was wearing. Story of our lives, friends, story of our lives!

If you have an epic tantrum or time out caught on camera, send it to us over email with first names only and a brief description of what was happening to cause the meltdown to timeout and we’ll include it in a future post!

Question: Have you placed your child in Time Out in an interested or hilarious location? Share your story with us! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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