The Adoptive Parent Toolbox Is Now Available!

What if you could begin, or continue the adoption process equipped with as many tools, insights, dos and don’ts, and knowledge on the journey as possible?

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Thirteen years ago we wondered the same thing. Our first adoption had just become final but we still had questions. Lots of questions, in fact. Our questions far outnumbered the answers we were receiving. At times, it was frustrating and defeating.

We understand the ups and downs, highs and lows, and joys and fears of adoption. We’ve been through all of them personally. We’ve also had the privilege of walking alongside of many pre-adoptive families, post-adoptive families, or families considering adoption, who have the same questions we had at one point in our journey- where do we begin? How do we find help? What can we expect?

Out of our personal experience in adopting all 8 of our children, and our 9 years as foster parents where we fostered over 20 children of all ages, we’ve grown a big heart for reaching out to families who have made the amazing choice to adopt. We want you to know something- you’re not alone!

That’s why we are extremely excited to introduce you to The Adoptive Parent Toolbox. This is a resource for anyone who is considering adoption, going through the process again, or is curious about the ins and outs of the journey. After 13 years on this journey we’ve created a brain dump of everything we’ve learned, as well as the insights we’ve gained from hundreds of other adoptive families! Here’s what’s included in the Toolbox…

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An eBook– We spent the past year intentionally pouring as much personal experience into a full-length book as we could. Our desire was to create something that served as a hands-on guide to adoption. Our favorite part is that the entire book is from a real-life, “been-there-done-that, lived to tell about it” perspective!

Video Series– We sat down with a domestic adoptive couple, an international adoptive couple, and a foster-to-adopt couple and asked them to share their personal journey. Their insight and experience was beyond what we could have imagined!

Amazing Bonus Features– We’ve include some really cool bonus features in this resource including 2 extra insightful videos, access to 4 Webinars where we unpack some of the topics in the Toolbox a little more, and a few other free gifts because we think adoption is amazing and so worth it!

Our favorite part of this resource, by far, is the transformation that a person, or a family, could receive from it. There’s so much helpful content from those who have been on the adoption journey for many years, that it could change someone’s entire adoption experience. That’s the heartbeat behind The Adoptive Parent Toolbox. That’s why it was designed- to help, encourage, walk alongside of, and transform people’s lives!

This series won’t be around forever. In fact, the entire Toolbox is only available for the next 6 days. Don’t wait to get yours. Click the button below to learn more, and gain full access…

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