The Adoptive Parent Toolbox

Insights and Stories for the Adoption Journey

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Thirteen years ago when we started the adoption journey, we had a lot of questions, and we weren’t getting many answers. If only we had a resource from real-life adoptive families that could help us. That’s precisely why we created The Adoptive Parent Toolbox. It’s a complete brain dump of everything we’ve experienced on this amazing and, at times, frustrating journey.

The stories are real, the insights are in-depth, and the lessons learned are valuable. Because adoption is valuable. And it’s also life-changing. As far as we’re concerned it’s the greatest parenting journey you can go on.

It’s filled with lots of ups, and lots of downs. To be honest, there are times when you want to give up or you begin to question why you chose to do this in the first place. We understand because we’ve been there. The most powerful message we can share with you is this- “You’re not alone!”

In the Toolbox you’ll find helpful chapters on….

  • How to begin the process
  • What to do when you bring a difficult child into your home
  • How to find support on the journey
  • Understanding the costs involved
  • Understanding trauma and how it affects your family
  • How to communicate appropriate adoption terminology
  • Relating to birth parents
  • How to share your family’s information
  • And more….

Whether you have questions, need some help, just starting out, or looking to start the adoption process again, this book is for you! It was written by real people, featuring real people, with big hearts for adoption!

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