The New Who Loves Children’s Book Series Is A Must-Read!

Have you ever wished you had a children’s book series that reflects your unique family? Wish no more! The “Who Loves” Series children’s books by Jami Kaeb from The Forgotten Initiative are just what every foster and adoptive family needs to have in their personal library.

The “Who Loves Series” tells the first person story of a child in foster care. All children will relate to these books as they tell a positive story of a child who is loved by many people. The “Who Loves Series” consists of three books. Who Loves Baby? is written for children ages 0-3. Who Loves Me? is for children ages 3-7 and I am Loved is perfect for children age 7-10.

Check out the trailer below to learn more…

Here are five things we loved about these books.

  1. These books do not gloss over the foster/adoptive story. The message is honest and positive while always maintaining a certainty that the child is valued and loved.
  2. We read these books to our children and grandchildren. The illustrations are colorful and engaging. The language is age appropriate and warm. Our kids loved these books.

    Our 9 year old loves these books!

  3. At the heart of foster care and adoption there are caring adults who deeply love the children they work with. We appreciate the language of love in these books, the positive message about caseworkers, judges, foster parents, birth parents and adoptive parents throughout warmed our hearts.
  4. These stories validate the reader’s point of view. They each address trauma in an age appropriate way.
  5. We are so excited to give I Am Loved to our youngest three boys. The story is just right for them and it even has a place for the child to write his or her own story at the end.
Jami recently joined us on our podcast to talk about the new Who Loves Children’s Book Series and why children in foster care are loved deeply. Click here to listen to the episode with Jami!

We highly recommend these books for every foster and adoptive family! You will love the positive message, the heart-warming storyline, and the inspiring illustrations. Our entire team is excited to share the Who Loves series with the world!

Click below to visit the official book website and order your copy today…

Order The Who Loves Book Series Here!

Question: Have you read the books? What did you think? Leave a comment in the comment section below this post! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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