The Problem With Teenagers And Social Media.

Yesterday I was browsing through my Facebook news feed when I came across a video with radio talk show host, Dave Ramsey.  In the clip he explains, very candidly, his view on teenagers and their use of social media. Watch the entire clip now:

Over the past decade social media (particularly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) has reached enormous popularity. But at the same time, huge problems have also materialized with the younger generation and their use of these networks. I’m talking about your kids and mine. Anytime you mix the internet and teenagers (and throw in unlimited access) you run into trouble.

I’m not dogging social media. In fact, I’m a fan. I utilize Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to share the message of this blog on a daily basis. I’m not even against teenagers having Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (I know a total of zero teens using LinkedIn :-)). But the reality is the internet, and social media, pose certain dangers that, if left un-checked or un-monitored, can land a teenager in serious trouble.

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Parents- you and I need to stay vigil with our children and social media. As I’ve said, I love social media. I love the connections you can form with other people across the globe, and the healthy and productive things you can use it for. And I love that teenagers can be on Twitter and Facebook. But not without clear and unmoving boundaries.

That’s really what it comes down to: boundaries! 

Ask yourself this question: Have I set healthy boundaries for my child and their use of social media? 

Satisfied with the answer?

Here’s another one: Am I aware of my child’s activity on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? And if not, why? (Ouch.. that last part usually stings a bit!)

This isn’t easy stuff, is it? When the Lord speaks of trials and tribulations in the Bible, I’m certain He’s referring to raising a teenager! But, with open dialogue and the construction of healthy boundaries, you and I can achieve maximum success with our teenagers and the internet.

Question: What are your thoughts on teenagers and social media? Do you agree with Dave’s thoughts in the video? What has your experience been? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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