The Stuff I Learned From Our 16-Year Adoptive Journey.

Season 6, Episode 54- The Honestly Speaking Parenting Podcast

We are mixing it up this week on the Honestly Speaking Podcast, as Mike heads over to the other side of the microphone, where he is interviewed by Sandra Flach, from Justice for Orphans ministry, and he shares what HE and Kristin have learned from their own 16-year adoptive journey.

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Mike and Kristin have 8 children ages 8-31 whom they have adopted over the past 16 years.  They have adopted domestically through both private adoption and foster to adopt.  Mike and Kristin have faced many struggles along the way including learning how to parent children who have FASD and having a child in residential care.  You know and love them already as the founders of Confessions of an Adoptive Parent.  Here’s your chance to hear how the idea for Confessions was birthed, and to find out more about Oasis Community, our monthly membership site!

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Notes and Quotes from the Show

What Mike wants you to know:

  • We know what this journey is like and how difficult it is, but we also know the beauty.

“We live in suburbia and while we were going through this, we just felt isolated.”

“It was very lonely.  We resisted outside contact for a long time.”

  • You can do this, there is hope!

“We felt hope because we discovered, for the first time, that there were others just like us, that we were not alone.”

“Community is a huge part of this…don’t go at this alone.”

  • Don’t give up!

“This journey is hard, but there is a lot of beauty.”

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