“The Stuff I Learned About Loss And New Beginnings.”

Season 6, Episode 49- The Honestly Speaking Podcast

So much of the adoption journey is surrounded by trauma, loss, and grief.  Many times friends, family, or church members will say things that seem to make it even worse.  Is loss and trauma really “just a part of God’s plan?”  Is getting over grief simply a matter of “trusting God more?”

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Listen in to Natalie’s encouraging story as she and her husband listened and learned about finding wholeness and joy through some hard years of infertility, miscarriage, loss, and grief, as well as adoption, virtual twining, and special needs parenting.

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Notes and Quotes from the Show.

“We are really into learning and listening…and if that’s what Jesus was going to do through our story, we would live it.”

“I felt like my joy was stolen out of me.”

Stuff Natalie’s Learned:

Our culture doesn’t like loss or to sit with those who are grieving. We often shame sadness.

The way to experience joy again is to be honest with our grief and sadness.

Loss and trauma is a part of a fallen broken world, it isn’t a “part of God’s plan.”

Losses demand space and to be seen and validated.

When we accept the invitation to grieve, we find endless amounts of grace and joy.

Resources and Links.

You can check out Natalie’s blog and photography, as well as her two books, Wholeness Despite the Brokenness, and Financing Adoption with Fundraising at nataliebrennerwrites.com or on her instagram account or facebook page.

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