The Top 5 Can’t-Miss Adoption & Foster Podcasts Of The Year

We love podcasts. This mostly has to do with the fact that, in 2015, we launched our very own. But it’s also because we love the powerful communication piece that podcasts have become. Today, we’re sharing, what we believe, are the top 5 of the year as they relate to the foster and adoptive community.

We live in a powerful age of technology and mass-communication. Never before has mankind been able to connect with hundreds of millions of people with the touch of a screen or the swipe of a thumb. It truly is magnificent. But this means that adoptive and foster parents and their support community also have access to mass communication and resources to help them in everyday life.

In recent years podcasting has become a major form of communication that isn’t going away anytime soon. You can find hundreds, even thousands, of great shows that cover everything from humor, to education, to expert advice for foster and adoptive parents. But what are the top shows to listen to? Out of all the hundreds and thousands of great shows out there, we’ve whittled down the list to our Top 5 “Can’t-Miss” shows. We determined this list based on topics covered, quality of the show, special guests they feature, simplicity in their approach, and overall uniqueness (or what makes them stand out).

Here they are in no particular order…

  1. The Forgotten Initiative Podcast. This is such a great and insightful podcast on the foster care journey, and ending the crisis of children aging out of the foster care system. Host Jamie Kaeb does an amazing job interviewing guests who not only have firsthand experience in the foster care system, but also bring insight and a strong challenge to listeners to step into this movement and make a difference. We were also honored, recently, to be one of Jamie’s guests. Click here to listen to recent episodes.
  2. Tapestry’s Empowered To Connect Podcast. This is our favorite podcast to listen to on the topic of formulating deep understanding and a connection to kids from hard places. Tapestry is the foster and adoption ministry of Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas and this is their podcast. Hosts Ryan and Kayla North, and Chris Turner, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of healthy attachment and bonding with kiddos from places of trauma. Click here to listen to recent episodes.
  3. Dream Big Podcast. Okay, I’m throwing a wildcard into the mix. And by wildcard, I mean a podcast that isn’t specifically centered on foster care and adoption. It’s the Dream Big Podcast. We’ve grown to love this podcast because of how unique it is. First off, it’s the only podcast I’m recommending that doesn’t fall specifically into the foster or adoptive niche, but rather the general family and parenting category. What makes it unique is that it’s co-hosted by a kid. Eva Karpman and her mother Olga interview inspiring guests who have turned their dreams into reality. This is a truly inspiring podcast that the entire family can enjoy! Click here to listen to recent episodes.
  4. The Honestly Adoption Podcast. We always feel a little weird recommending our own content in a Best-Of list, but we believe our podcast is one of the best in the foster and adoptive circles simply because of the guests we interview. We make it a point to talk honestly and openly about the adoption and foster care journey with guests from the likes of Dr. Ira Chasnoff, Deborah Gray, Angela Tucker and more. Click here to listen to recent episodes!
  5. CAFO’s Justice And The Inner Life & Foster Movement Podcasts. We love the work that CAFO does in the space of justice, orphan advocacy, foster care and adoption. They have two wonderful podcasts- Justice And The Inner Life (hosted by Jedd Medefind) and the Foster Care Movement podcast (hosted by Jason Weber and Diego Fuller). Both shows provide insights into orphan justice, the foster care journey, and the worldwide movement to find permanency for children in waiting. Both shows provide insightful guests from justice advocates to former foster youth and experts in the foster care and adoption movement. Right out of the gate, when we started listening to both shows, we determined they were two of the best around! Click here to listen to recent episodes.

We could certainly provide many more recommendations for podcasts that center around the amazing journey of foster care and adoption, but that would have to be a book. There are so many great ones available today. We hope you enjoy our 2017 Top 5 List. And we’d love to hear some of your recommendations. We’re always looking to review podcasts that are speaking into this ever-so-valuable arena.

Question: What are some podcasts on foster care, adoption, or general parenting that you often listen to? Share them in the comment section below this post. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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