The Way Your Kids Handle Money Matters!

I had to teach myself how to handle money. While my dad was great at saving his money, and making wise decisions with the resources he had, he wasn’t that great at passing on his wisdom or technique. For years, I spent money unwisely when I could have saved most of it and had more of it in my pocket!


As our children grow, and develop into young adults, it’s our responsibility to teach them values and principles that will shape their future and place their lives on successful pathways. Using money wisely is a big part of this. The way they save and spend the money depends on the way we teach them to do so.

Kristin and I are big fans of teaching our children the fruits of stewardship and frugal living, plus we hate debt. We also want our children to grow up with the value of hard work, and the value of earning their own money. These are two things we preach over and over. But for many, it’s not that easy. The biggest question is “How?” How do you successfully teach your children to earn money, save money, and make wise choices with money?

Enter Not only does MyPocketMoney teach children how to make their own money, and the importance of staying out of debt, they also equip parents to teach these values. Their program has helped hundreds of thousands of parents instill healthy financial principles into their children’s lives!

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