Are you looking for a simple and effective way to equip your parents to care for their children on a deeper level?  

Mike and Kristin Berry from The Honestly Adoption Podcast 

We totally understand the great need your families have! Because we ARE your families. Once upon a time, we felt ill-equipped and unprepared as we began the adoption journey. And we watched countless trainers try their best to help us understand what we experience on this journey. 

But we knew their backs were against a wall. And we knew they were already overwhelmed with everything else they had to do to serve their parents. They simply had no time to adequately prepare training content.  

Over the years we have developed a deep love and concern for adoption and foster care agencies and their workers who put in countless hours for families.

Our heart is to come alongside of you as you work to equip your families, and provide in-depth training and understanding to help you help your families thrive.  

What if your families.... 

  • Had a working knowledge of where their children came from so they could effectively respond to their needs? 
  • Had the tools to understand and better manage defiant, disrespectful, or aggressive behaviors? 
  • Were equipped to help your child re-regulate quickly and peacefully when they melted down?

How different would their journey be? 

Trauma Knowledge Masterclass Is The Answer You've Been Looking For!

Through more than 6 years, and thousands of hours, of learning, growing, research, and sitting at the feet of world-renowned leaders in trauma, attachment, and behavioral science, we've built a practical, yet in-depth and effective framework to help parents transform their parenting approach and build a stronger connection with their children.  

We Do This By Walking Parents Through 5 Key Areas...

  • A SIMPLE UNDERSTANDING OF HOW TRAUMA CHANGES THE BRAIN! Your parents will obtain a working knowledge of trauma, brain functionality, and attachment disruption, so they can begin to respond to their child in a much more compassionate and understanding way.
  • STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESSFULLY MANAGING BEHAVIORS. Your parents will learn to determine the why behind extreme behaviors, and strategies to help them intervene in, and prevent, defiant or aggressive behaviors. 
  • PRACTICAL STRATEGIES YOUR PARENTS CAN UTILIZE TO HELP THEIR CHILD CALM DOWN QUICKER. Your parents will discover the transforming power of remaining calm, and helping their child learn how to re-regulate when they are anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed.
  • AN EFFECTIVE PLAN TO HELP YOUR PARENTS COMMUNICATE THEIR CHILD'S NEEDS TO PROFESSIONALS. No longer do they need to walk out of IEP meetings, doctor's appointments, or principal's offices frustrated or defeated. We'll teach them the simple and effective steps to successfully communicate their child's needs. 
  • A PLAN TO HELP THEM PARENT THEIR CHILDREN BEYOND CHILDHOOD INTO THEIR ADULT LIVES. Many of the parents in your care will be actively involved in their children's lives well into their adult years. But what does that look like, and how do they do this with success? 

"Through Trauma Knowledge Masterclass my husband and I were able to gain a brand new understanding of how our child's traumatic past has impacted how they think and feel on a daily basis. This course helped us understand how to better respond to them in a way that helps them and builds trust!" 

- A Mom From Oklahoma who went through the 2019 class 

What's Included With A Trauma Knowledge Masterclass License?

  •  5 Session Modules
  • 22 Teaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Personal Accounts for your parent or personnel  
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Action Steps Per Session
  • Bonus Content Access
  • MP4 & MP3 Versions Of Each Session
  • 2 Year Unlimited Access To The Content
  • Discounted Upgrade Fee After 2 Years  

Here's a glance at each Module we cover in the course: 

MODULE 1: Trauma & Attachment Knowledge

In Module 1 we will lay the groundwork for the rest of the course by walking through a simple (yet in-depth) framework for understanding how trauma changes the brain, how trauma disrupts attachment, and how to rebuild broken attachment. When your parents have a working knowledge of how trauma alters their child's thinking, they will be equipped to better respond to their needs

MODULE 2- Behavior Management Strategies

In Module 2 we will walk parents through the why behind the behaviors they are seeing and help them identify potentially extreme behaviors. Plus, we will give them the framework to manage those behaviors the instant they happen. Beyond that, this module will teach them intervention tactics as well as how to prevent extreme behaviors from happening in the first place.

MODULE 3- Co-Regulation & Re-Regulation Practices

In Module 3 we will shift the focus to the parent, and their child. We will talk through the importance of helping their child re-regulate when he or she is stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, but also the cricital need for parents to co-regulate with their child. We will also walk through Self-Care strategies that both parent and child can apply when you need it the most.

MODULE 4:Communicating Trauma Knowledge

Wouldn't it be great to give your parents a full fledged plan, and talking points, to take with them into a pediatrician's office, a meeting at their child's school, or a therapy appointment? Module 4 will help them formulate that and more. We will give them proven strategies and communication steps they can utilize to better communicate their child's needs and get the results they are looking for.

MODULE 5: Going Beyond Childhood

We will conclude this course by discussing life and parenting beyond childhood, when their child reaches adulthood. The fact is, many of your parents will be actively parenting their children, and supporting them, long after highschool is over. But what does that look like? In this module we will walk through ways they can achieve independence but also help their child be independent. 

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We've Included More Than $4000 In Bonus Content With Your Masterclass License...


One of the biggest things we've recognized with this journey is that parents need a safe space to be honest and open without the fear of criticism or judgement. So, we've created this special Students-Only Facebook Group for your parents to interact with us and with one another all year long in safety and exclusivity. 

(Value- Priceless!) 


Access to our full library of templates to help your parents communicate with professionals, including emails to teachers, talking points for an initial meeting with a principal, what to say (and not say) in an IEP meeting, a guide on how to find a trauma-trained therapist, how to communicate with pediatricians, and more! Best Part? We'll be updating this as you progress through the Masterclass! 

(Value- $800)


Your license comes with access to our ever-growing libraries of Parent Case Studies and Professional Case Studies. We have sought out the best, and most encouraging, voices who are either actively applying Trauma Knowledge and Behavior Management to their parenting, or work to equip and train parents to do so. We've included Case Studies on grief recovery, how to find the right therapist, what parents should and shouldn't say to their child's principal, and more!  

(Value- $1500)  


For each session of the Masterclass, we will provide you with downloadable and printable workbook pages you can provide to your parents to follow along with each lesson!  

(Value- $250)  


At the end of each session of the Masterclass, we will give your parents a challenge to take action and begin to change their parenting path. Each Action Step is downloadable and printable and ready for them to hang up on their bedroom mirror, keep in their purse or wallet, or in their office to help keep them on a transformational course!  

(Value- $250)  


Your 2 year license includes 1 live simulcast event with Mike and Kristin. This can be used as training for your employees, or use in a support group setting. 

(Value- $3000) 

Your 2-Year Trauma Knowledge Masterclass Investment... 

  • All 5 Modules of the course.
  • 22 Weeks (or 22 months) of Teaching Sessions.
  • License For Unlimited Use & Unlimited Numbers of People or Groups for 2 Years
  • MP4 Video Versions Of Each Video Lesson To Show On Powerpoint or Other Presentation Software
  • MP3 Audio Versions Of Each Session To Use On A Podcast
  • Links To Download Action Steps for Your Families
  • MP4 Video Versions of Bonus Parent Case Study Videos (we will be adding to this every month)
  • MP4 Video Versions of Professional Case Study Videos (we will be adding to this every month) 
  • Exclusive Self-Advocacy Guides & Templates Library (Includes Letter Of Explanation To Pros, Safety Plan Implementation, Behavior Management Guides and more)
  • Downloadable & Printable Workbook Pages For Your Parents
  • A 2-Hour Simulcast Teaching With Mike & Kristin ($3000 value) 



(or less than $4.11 a day for two years!)

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Bottom line: we want you to be happy with your purchase. So, if you sign up, and then realize Trauma Knowledge Masterclass isn't for you, or your organization, we'll refund your money within 30 Days of purchase, no questions asked! We take all the risk! 

F-requently A-sked Q-uestions

  • CAN I RECEIVE CEUs THROUGH THIS COURSE? At this time, you cannot. But, we are hopeful to be able to offer this at some point in the near future!  
  • IS THE FACEBOOK GROUP PRIVATE, OR WILL THE PUBLIC BE ABLE TO SEE MY PARENT'S COMMENTS? We totally understand this concern. The great news is that we have intentionally created the Facebook Group to be private so that your parents can talk openly and honestly without fear of judgement or criticism. No one outside of Trauma Knowledge Students will be able to see student's posts.  
  • CAN I GET ACCESS TO THE FACEBOOK GROUP? While we know you have a strong relationship with your parents, we ask that you do not join. We want them to foster relationships with fellow students in the group.  
  • CAN MY FAMILIES SUBMIT THE HOURS THEY SPEND ON THIS COURSE TO THEIR FOSTER CARE AGENCY FOR LICENSE CREDIT? Whether or not their agency accepts this course as credit is up to their licensing agency (or you, if you are the licensing agency). But for agencies who do accept this course for licensing hours, we will supply your parents with a certificate of completion.  
  • IS THERE AN EXPIRATION ON HOW LONG I HAVE TO ACCESS THE COURSE CONTENT? No, there is no expiration during the course of your 2-year aggreement. The course content will be available whenever you need it for that period of time. After 2 years, we will offer a renewal to the new and improved course.  
  • IF I RUN A SUPPORT GROUP, MAY I SHOW THESE VIDEOS TO THE GROUP? Yes, you may do this as much as you want to, for as many people as you want to show them to, for 2 years.  
  • WHY DOES THE COURSE COST AS MUCH AS IT DOES? The cost of this course is based on the value it provides to the owner. Sure there is an upfront cost, but in the long run, you must consider the overall value it's bringing to your organization, and your parents lives, that money simply can't buy.  
  • WILL MIKE AND KRISTIN COME TO MY ORGANIZATION AND TEACH TRAUMA KNOWLEDGE CONTENT LIVE? Yes, they will. Your license includes a live simulcast session with them, but you can turn that into a live event by simply paying a discounted speaking fee, covering airfare, ground transportation and lodging.  
  • HOW DO I ACCESS CONTENT AFTER I PURCHASE? Once you secure your license, we will send you an access page with a username and password. We will also supply you with access to a special download page with links to the MP4 Video versions of the lessons as well as MP3 Audio Versions of the lessons, and download links for documents. **The Content Download Page will be available after July 1st. 

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