Welcome To Our Brand New Blog!

Today is the day. It’s our big reveal! We are so excited to introduce you to our brand new site. It’s been a fun 5 months partnering with Michael Hyatt and Platform University to create this. We’ve learned so much, and grown more than we could have imagined. Are you ready? Here we go…


Gratitude, growth and excitement.

These are the three words I would use to describe the past 5 months of our makeover journey. Really, I would use them to describe the past 3 years. It’s as if we just finished crossing the Grand Canyon and we’re gazing out on the horizon, ready to begin a brand new adventure.

In a million years, we never imagined we would be standing here. It’s not everyday you receive an opportunity like the one we received from Platform University: A complete platform makeover from the people who are leading the way. We are beyond grateful for the work that Michael and his amazing team did to make our new site awesome!

We invite you to have a look around at some of the new things we are doing here. We made some big changes that we think you’re going to love!

What’s new on the site.

If you’re one of our regular readers you’ve probably noticed some big changes right off the bat. We decided that the best change we could make was to become extremely focused on reaching adoptive, foster and special needs parents. But, we’ve added a few other awesome changes as well. Here are some of them…

  1. A brand new look. Everything from the color scheme, to our pictures, to the layout, to the purpose of our site has a brand new look. The best part? We’re now laser-focused on pouring into adoptive, foster and special needs parents. This is exciting to us because this is our life and this is our mission. More on that in a minute.
  2. A new name. If our mission is to reach overwhelmed adoptive, foster and special needs parents, then our name needed to match that. Our original site was called Confessions Of A Parent which was great. It set us apart from other parenting sites and helped us gain traction in an otherwise noisy online market. It let people know right away that we were all about approaching the parenting journey with openness and honesty. But something was missing. One thing needed to change to help us really stand out. So we changed our name to Confessions Of An Adoptive Parent. We believe this accurately captures what our blog is all about!
  3. A clear purpose. We are all about speaking hope to families who are in the trenches of adoption, foster or special needs parenting. But our old site really didn’t convey this. So we made our mission crystal-clear from the very first glance at our home page. Our new mission is to help weary adoptive and foster parents find the support and validation they need to regain hope and finally stop feeling alone!
  4. A new eBook. Because we are passionate about sharing hope with adoptive, foster and special needs parents, we decided to create a brand new resource that is practical and insightful. It’s a new eBook called The Weary Parent’s Guide To Escaping Exhaustion: A Realistic 9-Day Plan To Finally Get The Rest You Need. The best part? It’s FREE! Click below to get a copy sent right to you inbox!

    Get the eBook

  5. A brand new podcast. Well…almost. Our podcast, Honestly Speaking, will launch in a little over a week on October 28th. In the same spirit as our regular posts, our podcast will feature honest and open perspectives on the parenting journey. You can get a full run down on Season 1 by clicking here.

Believe it or not, this is just the beginning. We have a few other changes that are yet to come and we can’t wait to unveil them to you. Make sure you explore the new site to see some of our new features and updated pages!

What you can expect.

As always, you will find the content we post here to be authentic, honest, and overflowing with real-life perspective. The reason is simple- The road of adoption, foster, and special needs parenting can be extremely difficult and completely exhausting. We know this first-hand because we’ve been in this trench. We understand exactly what you are going through and we want you to know this one important truth… You’re not alone! There is hope!

Moving forward, we will continue to post twice a week, with a our podcast posting every Wednesday (beginning October 28th). Everything we are about, everything we write, everything we speak on, or share here is for one purpose- to encourage, enrich, and equip adoptive, foster, and special needs parents on the difficult and exhausting journey.

We’ve been there…you’re not alone…there is hope!

A special thank you to Michael Hyatt, Megan Hyatt-Miller, Mandi Riviccio, and Chad Cannon for your generosity, talent, and encouragement! You guys are awesome and we loved every moment we had to spend with all of you.

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Question: What’s your favorite part of our new site? We would love to hear from you. You can also share your own platform building experience with us. You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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