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The Honestly Adoption Podcast - Season 9, Episode 85

Feeling isolated and alone? Have you found it hard to connect with other foster or adoptive parents in your area? Maybe there aren’t many in your area. Even if you do have a great support system in real life, maybe you are looking for more training and resources to help you navigate this journey?

These are just some of the reasons we created Oasis Community!

Oasis Community is here to be your virtual support system that offers 24-7, 365 days a year online access to practical resources, relevant training, and parent to parent support.

Listen Now:

This virtual support system was born out of Mike and Kristin Berry’s own frustration when they couldn’t find the resources, training, and support they needed on their own parenting journey.

Listen in today as Mike shares their heart behind Oasis and describes some of the content you can find, including:

  • Kitchen Table Talks– encouraging videos around our kitchen table to get you through your week…
  • Masterclass Sessions with trained professionals for C.E.U.s and foster training credits
  • Backstage Pass Interview videos with key influencers in the field of adoption and foster care
  • Live Q and A calls with trauma-informed therapists
  • Self-Care Minute videos with practical advice on how to better care for you!
  • Downloadable PDF Resources and State by State Guides to give you connection at your fingertips
  • A Care Team of fellow foster and adoptive parents who will listen to you, and share the load of this journey!

Enrollment to Oasis is open NOW!  Don’t miss out and make sure to join Oasis Community today!

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