Thank you for checking out our speaking page. We would love to join you at your event and speak to your organization. On this page you will find out what you can expect from us, the topics we frequently speak on, who we are, our experience, and how to contact us to begin the process. We would be honored to spend time with your organization! Keep reading below for more information..

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We are equipped to speak on just about any topic, and have spoken in front of groups as big as 10,000, and as small as 5 over the past 18 years. One of our favorite aspects of speaking to different groups, is the opportunity we have to connect with people from all walks of life. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling click the button below our schedule to start the discussion.

Here’s a run down of our upcoming events…

  Date Event / Event Details City / More Info
+ 10/06/2017—10/07/2017
The Refresh Conference- Chicago Chicago, Illinois
   Public Event
+ 10/08/2017—10/14/2017
Road Trip: Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado
   Public Event
+ 10/20/2017—10/22/2017
Rejuvenate Retreat- Pennsylvania Quarryville, Pennsylvania
   Public Event
+ 10/28/2017—10/29/2017
Deeply Loved Retreat Whitefish, Montana
   Public Event
+ 11/04/2017
Mosaic Retreat Simi Valley, California
   Public Event
+ 11/17/2017
The Adoption Conference Brooklyn, New York
   Public Event
+ 01/02/2018
La Junta, Colorado Support Group La Junta, Colorado
   Public Event
+ 01/19/2018—01/20/2018
Thrive Conference Adoption & Foster Care Conference. Langley, British Columbia
   Public Event
+ 01/20/2018
Woven By Love Retreat Grand Rapids, Michigan
   Public Event
+ 02/10/2018—02/10/2018
Becoming A Serving Spouse Marriage Seminar Tacoma, Washington
   Public Event
+ 03/02/2018—03/03/2018
The Refresh Conference- Seattle Seattle, Washington
   Public Event
+ 03/10/2018
Every Child One-Day Symposium Indianapolis, Indiana
   Public Event

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What You Can Expect From Us:

If you hire us to speak for your event, this is what you can expect:

        • Prompt response to all of your emails and phone calls (including your initial inquiry). We have a 24-48 hour turn-around time!
        • Personal consultation over the phone to find out the specific needs of your event.
        • Your event’s promotion on our blog (including links to register).
        • Detailed communication on the specific needs of your event.
        • Customized teaching content that fits with the intention, theme or goal of your event. SK3_0515
        • Professional head shots and media pieces with full publicity rights for your promotion (at no cost to you). If you are an event organizer and need access to our media files for publicity purposes, click here.
        • Timeliness in our arrival to your event.
        • Professional approach in communicating on stage and interacting with your staff and attendees.

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Mike’s Teaching Sample (From Connection Pointe Church in 2012):

Mike’s Full-Length Teaching Clip (From MOVE Conference 2015):
What Other’s Are Saying….
I’ve known Mike as a student pastor, a family ministries director and as a father. He has a love for kids, both at home and at church, that is contagious. Mike has a gift for speaking straight to the heart. You will be challenged and inspired by his honesty as he shares God’s truth.Yancy
Recording Artist, Wife and Mother
Mike doesn’t just bring a ton of knowledge to the parenting arena, he brings a ton of experience. Although Mike is funny, engaging, and a talented communicator, it is his transparent spirit and love for families that set him apart.Tony Wolf
Comedian, Speaker, Author and Father
Mike has a great ability to communicate in a natural and impactful way. His heart for Jesus shows.Andy Stephenson
North American Leader of Youth and Family ministries, Church of God
Kristin’s Teaching Sample (from “Honest Parent Conversations” seminar in 2014):
What Others Are Saying…
Kristin is engaging as she speaks with a transparency that communicates life’s struggles in a relatable way. She inspires hope in the midst of life’s ups & downs.Brett Talley
Pastor Of NextGen Ministries, Church At The Crossing, Indianapolis, IN
Huge heart, no nonsense, honest teaching that comes from the trenches of intense parenting. Kristin isn’t giving theories and nice cliche parenting tips that you can stick up on your wall. This is the real deal, real truth, taught by someone who’s lived it!Joel Phillips
Relationship Expert and Blogger at BuildRelationalWealth.com
Kristin shares from a place of raw, authentic experience in a way that draws you in and makes you feel like you’re not the only one who has ever felt that way. She connects with an audience instantly and communicates hope and encouragement to those that need it.Brad Ruggles
Lead Pastor, Imagine Church, www.imaginechurch.com


Frequent Topics We’ve Spoken On:

(Parenting, marriage, and family):

  • Foster care
  • Adoption
  • Special Needs Parenting
  • Partnering with teachers to help them understand trauma and special needs
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder & FASD (Fetal-Alcohol-Spectrum-Disorder)
  • Fostering and Adopting Teenagers
  • Why Tradition Parenting Does Not Work With Children From Trauma
  • Relating To Birth Families
  • Parenting difficult children
  • How To Keep Your Marriage Healthy When You’re Parenting Children From Trauma
  • Parenting Principles & Trends
  • Fighting For Your Family’s Heart
  • Building Strong Support Systems
  • Finding Hope & Healing on the road of Adoption and Foster Care
  • Marriage enrichment and transformation
We are equipped to speak at both faith-based and non faith-based events. During the year we spend half of our time with faith-based conferences and events and half with non faith-based conferences and events. Click here and tell us about your event!

Who We Are:

We are both full-time writers, bloggers, authors, consultants, and speakers. Our eBooks, 7 Hills Every Parent Should Die On, Your Ridiculously Amazing Year,  and The Adoptive Parent Toolbox are available in our online store. Our blog is read in 16 different countries, around the globe, and receives, on average, 100,000 readers monthly. If you’d like to receive email updates click the button below. When you subscribe we’ll send you a FREE eBook as a “thank you!”

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Our Experience:

From 1998 until 2014, we served in leadership capacities within the church, primarily in the area of student and family ministries. Since 1996 we have spoken to parenting groups, youth conferences, men’s retreats, women’s groups, mission organizations, small groups, senior’s groups, adoption support groups, foster care groups, parenting seminars, leadership training retreats, and school groups. We became parents in April 2002 when we adopted our first child. Since then we have adopted 7 more children, and fostered over 30 others. Our children range in age from 5 to 28. We have a heart for all parents, but particularly overwhelmed, stressed out, tired, and frustrated parents. We believe in the power and influence of the family unit and desire to encourage and equip parents of all ages and stages to reclaim the heart of their family! To read more about our family, and our mission to reach parents, check out Our Story page! If you are interested in finding out our rates and availability, lets connect, and get the ball rolling! Click below…

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Thanks for your interest! We look forward to talking with you soon.

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