Why Traditional Parenting Methods Won’t Work With Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

As a parent, you discover pretty quickly that the ways in which your parents parented you, won’t work with children who have a trauma history. Our entire approach must change. But how?

Kristin and I both grew up in traditional households with traditional parenting. These techniques were not bad, they were just…traditional. There were rules and restrictions, guidelines and boundaries. If established rules, restrictions, guidelines, and boundaries were crossed, consequences were enforced. No questions asked.

How Should I Respond To People Who Praise Me For Adopting?

Oftentimes, outsiders looking in on the adoption journey can begin to hail you as a ‘hero’ or an ‘angel’ for choosing to adopt. It’s awkward. But sometimes, it’s unending. How then, should you respond?

On a sunny spring morning in April 2002, we walked into church for the first time after bringing our firstborn adopted daughter home from the hospital. We were sleep deprived and clueless about what we were doing, but we held our baby girl close as we opened the door and stepped into the foyer.

How To Become A Connected Parent

The Honestly Adoption Podcast, Season 18, Episode 147

Have you ever wondered if there was some secret to forming a better connection with your child? In the midst of meltdowns, defiant behaviors, or dysregulation, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a script to work from to help them re-regulate quickly? If so, you won’t want to miss our latest episode of the podcast…

Lisa Qualls is an author, blogger, public speaker, podcaster, and the co-author of the latest book, The Connected Parent: Real-Life Strategies for Building Trust and Attachment. She co-authored this book with the late Dr. Karyn Purvis, PhD, founder of the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University. Our conversation, in this episode, centers on the how, behind becoming a connected parent. You will love this interview. Listen now…

Thoughts On Hair Care And Support For Transracial Adoptees

Amplifying Black Voices- The Honestly Adoption Podcast

We believe deeply in racial equality and listening to and learning from black voices who are illuminating the way for justice and understanding. As we continue to amplify and highlight black voices, we are pleased to share one of our favorite interviews on the podcast. Are you a transracial adoptive family, foster family or multiracial family? Are you a person with fantastic curly hair? Whoever you are and whatever type of hair you have, you will love Janine Beachy. She was a true delight to interview.

Janine talked with us about the importance of haircare in the Black community, why we should teach our daughters to set boundaries around others touching their hair and how her curly hair journey led to becoming a resource for transracial adoptive families. We think you will love her as much as we do!

We encourage you to listen in as well as follow her on Instagram: @life_with_curlz

How To Prepare To Be A Foster Parent

So you’re starting out on the foster parenting journey. Or perhaps you’re stepping back into it. In any case, there are some important steps to take in order to be as prepared as you can be.

Mike and I practically stumbled into foster care. Long story short, a friend of ours needed help, and to step in, we had to become licensed foster parents. We had no idea what we were getting into. We just blindly moved forward. Still, if I could go back and make the decision differently, I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. We did what was right in the moment, and it has forever changed our lives for the better.

How A Former Foster Youth Is Telling A Different Adoption Story

Amplifying Black Voices- The Honestly Adoption Podcast

As we continue to amplify and highlight black voices, we are pleased to share a recent interview we did with Tori Peterson who is a former foster youth, now foster and adoptive mom.

Tori Petersen is amazing, and is actively changing the story of adoption and foster care in the United States. She spends her time advocating, on a national level, for better services for children in foster care. Make sure you check out her Instagram hereListen to the interview….

How To Empower Your Children To Face Difficult Situations

In this world, our children will struggle, oftentimes more than typically developing children. How do we help them, or empower them, to face these difficult situations? Here are some tips…

Foster care and adoption are difficult. There will be hard parts to our child’s story. It is inevitable. Our children will see some things in their past as normal and others as difficult. It isn’t for us to decide which parts are difficult for our children. This is why it is so important that our children feel empowered to deal with the hard parts. Here are some things we can do to help:

Raising A Multi-Cultural Family: A Conversation With Keia Jones-Baldwin from Raising Cultures

Amplifying Black Voices- The Honestly Adoption Podcast

We believe deeply in racial equality and listening to and learning from black voices who are illuminating the way for justice and understanding. That’s why we’re using our platform to amplify these voices…

This week we’re pleased to re-air an episode we did with Keia Jones-Baldwin from Raising Cultures. She’s here to talk about raising a multiracial family, the ups and downs of parenting, her brand new podcast, and the ever so fun experience of dealing with internet trolls, and how to hit personal attacks online head on. You’re going to love this interview. Keia is a rockstar and has a brilliant perspective. Listen to the interview now…