The Stuff I Learned About Trust From My International Adoption Journey.

The world of foster care and adoption often comes with…wait for it…a whole lot of waiting. Whether waiting on decisions from case-managers, judges, or your foster agency, waiting on paperwork during an adoption, or waiting in-country for court decisions and visas, the long wait and many unknowns can be discouraging.  Where can we find hope when it seems dark and hopeless?

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This week Mike is talking with Jesse and Andrea DeBoer who will share with us what they have learned about trust and hope during many years of waiting through both their foster care journey and their international adoption experience.  Jesse and Andrea live in the Bay Area, in California.  They are foster parents, and have also adopted both internationally and domestically.

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Notes and Quotes from the Show.

“We just had to believe that either she was going to place him with us and we would be family forever together with her, or she wouldn’t and we would support her in parenting.”

“What’s particularly frustrating, to me, is waiting when you don’t know what’s happening…You’re completely powerless when the ball is in someone else’s court and you have no way to move the ball along.”

We learned the phrase “mañana, mañana, mañana.”

“The waiting can make you doubt a lot of things.”

“The tunnel does have a light at the end, but the middle seems dark.”

Stuff We Learned While Waiting

  • Take advantage, while you are waiting, of doing things you won’t be able to do later
  • Find joy in the moments you have now
  • You have to do your part to be ready with paperwork and practical things
  • Pray a lot
  • Keep others updated so they can be praying and can talk with you about it
  • Expect the unexpected!
  • Be real so others can share the burden with you

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Question: Have you experienced long seasons of waiting on your journey? What have you learned in the waiting? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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